Since my days at Florida and in the NFL I have become accustomed to having the most knowledgeable strength coaches by my side to structure my workouts and to push me through my training sessions. Following my retirement from the NFL, I found that I struggled to get the most out of every workout and ended up doing the same grouping of exercises day in and day out. When I began training at Sweat Life Fitness I immediately found what I was missing. The trainers take their time to hear what your fitness goals are, and structure an individual plan for getting you to those goals. I enjoy the relaxed but competitive environment they create for me. My workouts are varied every time I come in and the trainers take the time to explain why we are doing each exercise, and how that fits into the overall plan. I look forward to every workout and I know that I have found the next best thing to training with NFL trainers.
— Chris Doering, SEC record holder, 8 year NFL veteran

When your house is voted ‘Best Place to get Junk Food’ by your childhood friends, you feel like your future is pretty well set. Marriage and then kids, although gloriously happy times, continued to give me an excuse to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Dan Griffin single-handedly changed my way of thinking about food forever. I get it now. Clean eating and proper hydration sure do make a difference, and once it clicks, it sticks. Add in some fantastic training by Dan and his awesome staff, and bam, over 45 lbs. lost in less then 6 months. Sweat Life provided me with the tools, ideas and excitement to put my weight and overall health first and I am a much happier, fit and strong person because of it. You need the push Sweat Life offers. We all do.
— Danielle Marden

For over a decade I used to wake up with low back pain. It would take me a couple of hours and a couple of ibuprofen to ease out of it. My wife signed me up for personal training with Rob Johnson at Sweat Life in Haile about a year and half ago. I was not too sure about it at first, but after 3 months or so, I realized that the morning back pain was gone. Rob’s work-outs are never the same. He is so creative that we never get bored. My wife and I work out together in the evenings, although she reminds me that this is not the same as a date night, and I still have to take her out. Rob works with us on our nutrition, and gives us work-outs to do at home or on vacation. We have both lost body fat and gained muscle mass. For me, it has become like therapy, where I burn off the stress of the day’s work. I would highly recommend Rob and Sweat Life to anyone who is stressed and out of shape. Stick with it, and he will get you into great shape and at the same time relieve stress.
— Dr. Rob Hromas

Sweat Life changed my whole world! My family, friends, complete strangers and acquaintances alike have also changed their lives because of my experience with Sweat Life! This is not a fad; there are no pills, shots, drops or extreme diets. This is life changing program that is really simple and makes sense. Eat real food and train with the best trainers in the business. Dan, Art, Kyle and Chris changed the way I work out forever! I lost 53 pounds in less than a year living the Sweat Life and I will be forever grateful for what they have done for my family. I have more energy, I feel so much better about myself and am having a lot more fun. I was actually excited for my annual physical this year, no more lectures about needing to lose weight, my lab work was stellar and my resting heart rate was the lowest it has ever been. My husband and I both ran our first races this past year and now have Sunday Runday every week where we run 3-4 miles while our children bike with us. We run mud runs together for dates and he even keeps up the healthy eating while traveling for business. Being a participant in the Biggest Weight Loss Challenge for Giggle Magazine was just the beginning of my journey. This is really a lifestyle change you can live with! Thanks so much Dan and company for all that you do for your clients and the community too!
— April Tischer

I can’t overstate how great my experience with Dan and Sweat Life Fitness has been. Dan is motivating and will push you to meet your goals but with your needs in mind. He is genuinely concerned about the health of his clients and strives to help them change their lives. My whole family has changed with the lifestyle changes I made with Sweat Life. Better food and better fitness! I also just really love the family feel of Sweat Life. All of the trainers are so friendly and they really are a community minded team. Sweat Life is regularly supporting a charitable cause and it been a great way for me to get more involved in my community. Thanks Dan and Sweat Life! Gainesville is a better place because of businesses like yours!
— Maureen Germain

“I can not thank you guys enough for all that you have done. Always smiling, positive and full of energy. It makes my morning to come in and train. I have never been in the fitness shape that I am today except for when I was 12 or so. I am now feeling great at 43. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
— Susan Edmonds

“Thanks to Sweat Life Fitness, my journey has just begun. These last 3 months have been full of hard work and dedication, and most of all, have been life changing for me. I joined Sweat Life not knowing what to expect. I felt a little intimated knowing I had never been a part of a personal training program and afraid of what was ahead of me. I was also afraid of change. You see, I have been a Yo-Yo dieter my entire life, trying everything from Nutri-System to pills with extreme dieting (to the point of starvation) to lose weight. I knew I needed a happy medium but I had no idea where or how I was going to find it.

My initial appointment at Sweat Life was like nothing I had imagined. Dan was very patient with me and took the time (around 2 hours) to get to know me as a person and what I wanted out of the program. This was not what I expected. I expected a more military approach of okay, “drop down and give me 20″. Or, at least an explanation from them of what they expected from me, not the other way around.

I received a call from Art Waters and from then on, my life changed for the better. I cannot put in words how thankful I am to have him as my trainer. He is always available to answer questions in and out of the gym. He has pushed me harder than I ever thought I could go and thanks to him I have found that happy medium that I was searching for. Art taught me that eating clean and hard work is still the best way to achieve my fitness goals. I have a long way to go but I am on the right track. Thank you Sweat Life and Art Waters for being a blessing in my life!”
— Rebecca Livingston A.K.A. “Hodge”

hi i love sweat life
— tara
I’ve been at Sweat Life for a long time. I work full time, have 3 kids and a husband who works hard – but at Sweat Life I can focus on my own health. For me, it’s my “me time”. Art is so motivating and helps me reach my goals by pushing me to go further than I ever thought I could. In fact, because of his encouragement I ran my first half marathon in February and am running my second this week with two others scheduled for January. Thanks, Sweat Life!
— Dr. Shelley Collins, MD