Check out our line-up of awesome classes…

All of our classes are equipped with the Myzone heart rate and fitness monitoring system. This state-of-the-art system provides you with real-time feedback relating to your heart rate, calories burned, and time exercising allowing you to track your progress and create friendly competition among participants.


Prepare to punch and kick your way through our heart pumping FocusMaster boxing-based class. This stress busting workout combines striking, exercises such as squats, lunges and push ups as well as core movements including planks, mountain climbers, and sit-ups. Participants will experience total body conditioning without ever stepping on a treadmill.

Sweat Circuit ENDURANCE

Gear up for a fun and challenging 60 minutes total body workout! During this calorie scorching workout you will use multiple pieces of free weight equipment as well as a healthy dose of rowing, metabolic cycling, skiing, stepping and more!

Sweat Circuit POWER

A 60 minute full body circuit training class that incorporates powerful moves utilizing kettlebells, dumbbells and sleds as well as various multiplanar medicine ball throws, plyometrics, and turf agilities!

Sweat Circuit STRENGTH

This 60 minute total body blast will help you become stronger - mentally and physically! Rep ranges are lower to moderate to gain STRENGTH. Traditional strength exercises such as presses and pulls are utilized along with various carries and holds to get you strong.

Sweat SUPER Circuit

The O.G. - our original circuit class! This 60 minute classic will challenge you with nearly every tool that we have in the gym. Classes vary weekly, but participants can expect all of their gym skills to be put to the test. It’s a combination of STRENGTH, POWER, and ENDURANCE! Oh yeah…and it’s a lot of FUN!


This is an all levels yoga class geared for recovery of the mind and the body. We set an intention and then perform sequences that increase flexibility and build strength all while challenging you to stay present and breathe deeply.



Monthly UNLIMITED classes…$149/mo

Monthly UNLIMITED Family Add-On…$99/mo

Class 10-pack (good for all classes)…$200

Drop-in (if available)…$25/class