Every inch of our state-of-the-art training facility is designed to motivate and inspire you to achieve your all-time physical best. The equipment is new, clean, and top-of-the-line. The atmosphere is focused, positive, and driven. Personal Training sessions are appointment based and scheduled ahead of time allowing us to maintain an optimal training environment – you never have to waste time waiting for equipment!

We pride ourselves on offering superior customer service, elite programming, and the most professional and dedicated personal trainers in town.

We invite you to schedule an appointment so you can tour our Studio, meet our trainers, and discover which training program is right for you.

All Personal Training Programs begin with a complimentary two-step fitness evaluation. The evaluation is a mandatory and important component of the training program. It provides us with invaluable information regarding your exercise/medical history, goals, body composition, and competency in various skills such as strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Every Personal Training Program is uniquely designed to maximize the time, energy, and effort of our clients. Our multi-faceted approach incorporates an individualized nutrition, hydration, exercise, and recovery plan. Progress is measured frequently to ensure that goals are being met.

In addition to the above, each Personal Training Program includes:

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • Custom Cardiovascular program

  • Custom Strength Training program

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Progress reports

  • Bottled water and towel at each session

  • Private, non-intimidating, and clean Studio environment




7 AM – 7 PM Monday - Friday

7 AM - 3 PM Saturday


5 AM – 9 PM Monday - Friday

5 AM - 3 PM Saturday


60 Minute Sessions

1 Session … $80
12 Sessions ($75/ea) … $900
24 Sessions ($70/ea) … $1680

30 Minute Sessions

1 Session … $50
12 Sessions ($45/ea) … $540
24 Sessions ($40/ea) … $960

PARTNER TRAINING (Two clients, one trainer. Rate is per person)

60-Minute Sessions

12 Sessions ($55/ea) … $660
24 Sessions ($50/ea) … $1200

30-Minute Sessions

12 Sessions ($35/ea) … $420
24 Sessions ($30/ea) … $720