Introducing one of our Summer 2018 Interns, Stephen

Please give a great Sweat Life welcome to Stephen Gainsburg, one of our Summer 2018 University of Florida Interns! Stephen, a rising senior at UF in the college of Health and Human Performance, is from sunny South Florida and his biggest claim to fame is that he attended the same high school as me (lol!). Stephen is studying Sports Management and hopes to one day own his own gym or be an Athletic Director. He is currently working toward his NSCA certification, enjoys baseball, working out, cooking, and bee keeping (you read that right!). Enjoy our brief conversation below…


Dan: I have to start by asking you about bee keeping…

Stephen: Yeah (chuckles). So this previous semester I ended up taking a course about beekeeping and one of the assignments was to shadow a beekeeper. After doing so I became extremely interested in all the nuisances of beekeeping and how helpful bees are to both our food and flowers. I don’t personally keep any bees, but it’s definitely something I would do in the future.

Dan: Okay, great. Go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Stephen: I am a 4th year Sports Management major who enjoys playing rugby and baseball, and of course, working out.

Dan: What is your favorite type(s) of music?

Stephen: My favorite types of music are EDM and rap. They’re both upbeat genres that are fun to listen to if you’re working out or hanging out.

Dan: What is your favorite go to meal?

Stephen: My favorite meal would definitely have to be grilled chicken and some sort of steamed vegetable. Very simple but it gets the job done.

Dan: Sounds delicious. What is your favorite exercise?

Stephen: My favorite exercise would have to be squatting because it requires your entire body to work together in order to succeed.

Dan: Squats and Deadlifts are two of my favorites as well. Do you have a favorite quote or words that you live by?

Stephen: Yes, “It’s not how you get there, it’s what you do once you’re there.”

Dan: Any final words of wisdom?

Stephen: Tomorrow never really comes, so if you want something, do it today.

Dan: Dropping some philosophy on us – I love it. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the SLF Family.

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