An Interview with Lindzy Suchomelly: Fall 2018 Intern

Please give a great Sweat Life welcome to Lindzy Suchomelly, one of our Fall 2018 University of Florida Interns! Lindzy, a junior at UF in the college of Health and Human Performance, is from the great city of Tampa, Florida where she grew up playing soccer and going to the beach. She hopes to one day be a practicing P.A. and spread care to those in need. I hope you enjoy our brief conversation below…


Dan: Hey Lindzy, tell us a little bit about yourself…
Lindzy: My name is Lindzy Suchomelly and I am a junior at UF. I am from just outside of Tampa, FL, where my days consisted of lounging at the beach and playing soccer. I have played competitive soccer my entire life, and have always enjoyed having an active and healthy lifestyle. I absolutely love coffee, peanut butter, traveling and puppies, of course! One day, I would love to travel to a third world country and provide medical care to those in need.

Dan: That’s awesome! Want to tell us a little bit more about you – such as what is your favorite TV show? Movie? Music?
Lindzy: My favorite show is New Girl, but I am a sucker for pretty much any comedy show. My favorite movie is The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, because who doesn’t love a good romcom.  When it comes to music, I love country, pop, and hip-hop.

Dan: Do you have a favorite go to snack?
Lindzy: Whenever I am craving a snack, I always reach for peanut butter, trail mix or a banana. I love anything with peanut butter in it though. 

Dan: What are your plans after you graduate from UF?
Lindzy: After I graduate I plan to attend PA School and become a sports medicine PA. While I am not set on the specialty, sports have always been near and dear to my heart and I would love to incorporate that into my career.

Dan: Thanks so much for sharing with us today. Final question, do you have a favorite quote or words that you live by?
Lindzy: The quote I live by is “Half the battle is learning how to fight.” I chose this as my motto because I chose to not let negative things affect how I react to them, but instead reacting positively.

Dan: Love it. Thanks. 

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