The Sweat Life Fitness Studio is located in Haile Market Square. Every inch of our state-of-the-art training facility is designed to motivate and inspire you to achieve your all-time physical best. The equipment is new, clean, and top-of-the-line. The atmosphere is focused, positive, and driven. We maintain an optimal training environment by scheduling no more than 5 clients at a time – you never have to waste time waiting for equipment.

We pride ourselves on offering superior customer service, elite programming, and the most professional and dedicated personal trainers in town.

We invite you to schedule an appointment so you can tour our Studio, meet our trainers, and learn about the various fitness programs we offer.


All Personal Training Programs begin with a complimentary two-step fitness evaluation. The evaluation is a mandatory and important component of the training program. It provides us with invaluable information regarding your exercise/medical history, goals, body composition, and competency in various skills such as strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Every Personal Training Program is uniquely designed to maximize the time, energy, and effort of our clients. Our multi-faceted approach incorporates an individualized nutrition, hydration, exercise, and recovery plan. Progress is measured frequently to ensure that goals are being met.

In addition to the above, each Personal Training Program includes:

  • Physio-Graph assessment
  • FitGoal account and login
  • Custom Cardiovascular program
  • Custom Strength Training program
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Progress reports
  • Bottled water and towel at each session
  • Private, non-intimidating, and clean Studio environment


Mobility= flexibility+control. Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is a mobility system based on scientific principles that systematically expands our range of motion while simultaneously teaching the nervous system to control those newly acquired ranges. While working towards increasing our active range of motion, we are also ensuring that our joints are healthy, strong, and working properly. Healthy, well functioning joints then give us the ability to #DoAnything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use FRC?

Everyone! FRC helps you function better as a human. Healthy joints make everyday life better. Athletes also see performance benefits due to the body control gained, as well as “bullet proof” joints to aid in injury prevention.

What if I’m already flexible?

Flexibility and mobility are two different things. Flexibility is great, but is a passive range of motion. Mobility means that we can achieve that range of motion actively through muscle contraction. Active range of motion is what we call “useable” range of motion. FRC helps close the gap between “passive flexibility” and “active mobility”

Will it interfere with my workout routine?

No. I would however suggest making mobility a prerequisite for your workout routine. For example, I don’t recommend loading a shoulder with weight if that shoulder doesn’t function properly. FRC is a designed to make our joints function properly, and once we have healthy functioning joints then we can do anything from yoga to powerlifting to mountain climbing.


How do you know which trainer is right for me?
Once you call to set up your first workout, we have a very thorough list we go through with you, including goals, health history and interests. Then we carefully match you up with one of our trainers based on his/her strengths and interests. The first workout with your new trainer is FREE.

How do I set up a personal training appointment?
Simply call or email the studio and ask for Dan. I will call you back ASAP to set it up for you.

What do I wear?
You should wear comfortable, appropriate workout attire. This includes sneakers, workout shorts or pants, t-shirts, etc. For your first workout, we will be doing your fitness evaluation, so you should wear loose-fitting workout clothing.

What do I bring?
All you need to bring is a list of questions and goals and a positive attitude. We provide towels, water and all the rest.

What should I expect from my workout?
You should expect personalized service in a small private setting, catered towards you, your ability levels and your goals. You will receive a full fitness evaluation, a goal setting session and a good workout.

You should expect professionalism from our entire staff of Certified Personal Trainers, each one licensed and insured.

You should expect to work hard, but to enjoy it. You should expect to SWEAT. And you should expect to learn. We can’t wait to teach you how to live the Sweat Life!